"Dutch 'til Dawn" - RAGBRAI 2017

July 10, 2017

Orange City is making final preparations for RAGBRAI XLV!  Once the Tulip Festival festivities came to a close, we directed our focus to our next town event. For weeks, the community has been participating in Spirit Fridays – people are sporting their “Dutch ‘til Dawn” RAGBRAI t-shirts, businesses are offering store discounts for wearing the t-shirts, and the community has started decorating with bikes and lights to get ready for the fun event!

Northwestern Bank employees in Orange City are pitching in to help as there are over 500 volunteers needed to make sure that the riders have a fun and safe experience while in Orange City. From working in campgrounds, hosting riders at your home, information booth, health and safety…there is a spot for everyone to get involved.

Join us July 22 for a great day of food, fun, and entertainment as we give the riders and their teams a sendoff on July 23! For a schedule of events and more information, please visit: ragbrai.orangecityiowa.com



ragbrai training Video

For weeks, Orange City has been gearing up for RAGBRAI. At Northwestern Bank, we've been getting ready too — just watch our training video for proof: