Debit Card Security

FRAUD ALERT: Suspicious Debit Card activity on the rise in Siouxland

November 8, 2017

There have been recent reports of an increased volume of fraudulent Debit card activity in Siouxland.

Northwestern Bank works diligently to ensure your financial security, and has a strong fraud monitoring system in place to help identify and alert you of fraudulent activity related to your accounts. We would also like to remind you to monitor your own bank statements and accounts on a frequent basis, and to report any suspicious or unauthorized activity to NWB and local law enforcement immediately.

With tools like online and mobile banking, monitoring your account activity is easier and more convenient than ever. You can also access telephone banking at 1-888-712-7627 or stop by the nearest NWB branch to check your account activity in person.

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It’s important to note that Northwestern Bank will NEVER call you directly and ask for your card number or PIN number over the phone. You should never provide your card number, PIN number or other sensitive personal or account information over the phone, to anyone claiming to be a representative of Northwestern Bank (or any other financial institution). 

What To Do If You Detect Fraud

If you see any suspicious activity on your financial accounts, contact Northwestern Bank immediately by calling (712) 737-4911 in Orange City or (712) 324-5141 in Sheldon, or by visiting the nearest NWB branch.  We will assist you in taking the next steps to secure your accounts and financial information.

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