NWB Online Gets a Fresh New Look

April 19, 2017

We couldn't be more excited to announce the launch of our new website. What do you think so far?

Built for the needs of our growing consumer audience, our new pages have been specifically designed to answer your most pressing questions, direct you to our experienced staff, and help you make confident financial decisions.


Our customers are some of the smartest on the planet, and that's why we chose an intuitive design with a clean, responsive layout. Our old website overwhelmed you with too many choices and information; our new website presents you with a simplified navigation that is just as easy to use from your laptop as it is from your tablet or smartphone.


In 2016 alone, more than half the views of our website were on mobile devices. Our website is designed to fit your needs and your screen size, ready to serve you no matter what brand, device, or service you are using.


Whether you are opening your first checking account or logging in for the 100th time, we are committed to providing our customers with the latest information, tools, and resources. Explore our new site now and frequently; there's always something new going on in the world of investing, consumer lending, commercial banking - and we'll make sure you are always the first to know.


Our teams of experts may need to sleep once in a while, but our website doesn't; you'll have access to their blogs, relevant articles, and profiles at any time, from anywhere. Book an appointment, send a message, comment on a post-this website is yours to use as you see fit. Just as with life and your hard-earned money, don't hesitate to make the most of it.

Have a question? A suggestion? We would love to hear from you! Contact us here. And make sure to follow us on Facebook to join in on the discussion!



As part of the redesign, we created four interactive, user-friendly calculators for Northwestern Bank customers to help you achieve a variety of financial goals. You'll notice these scattered throughout the site. Just for fun, try out our mortgage or consumer loan calculators. 


Who doesn't like getting good, informative mail? We're excited to launch our monthly newsletter program, which will highlight our latest blogs, offers, and community events. Named 90 Second News, our newsletter is geared to be respectful of your inbox and your time while giving you all the information you need in one handy spot. Subscribe today!


In addition to our new website, we are launching a brand new line of mobile and helpful consumer apps, including Zelle and a fully redesigned Mobile App. These features will roll out in April 2017.


Our people and our locations are the most important elements to the success of Northwestern Bank. You can always find a list of our locations at the bottom of any web page, as well as the local teams there to support you.


We are always publishing new and relevant information for our consumers, from how to help kids learn the value of a dollar to how to invest in today's economic and political climate. We welcome you to explore our current as well as previously published content, and if you find a topic that needs to covered, we are always open to suggestions!


Ready to talk to someone in person? Look no further than the "Schedule an Appointment" button, located on nearly every page. As proud as we are of this website, we do our best work in person. We look forward to serving you!

 A New Domain!

In order to better serve and protect our customers, we will be transitioning from our domain at to a new web domain at for our website on April 19, 2017. Our new domain will provide an enhanced level of security for our customers as well as an easily identifiable channel for trusted communications.


At Northwestern Bank, we want to make sure when you visit our website that you are, in fact, visiting OUR website. The heightened security requirements for the .bank domain are tightly restricted and only available to verified banks. Plus, moving to also helps shorten our URL, providing a more memorable website address for our customers.

And don’t worry! You can still use your bookmark/favorite from that you might have saved in your Internet browser. When using this bookmark/favorite, you will automatically be redirected to our new, more secure URL –!

Protect your finances by updating your browser

Secure your online experience by updating your browser. Browsers are a key part of keeping your online financial experience and information safe, and more recent versions of your browser will be required to view our website and access online banking due to the heightened security requirements. Browsers become more secure with each release, so don’t miss out. No matter what browser you use, make sure you have the latest version installed.